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BKR International Expands Central European Presence with three new member firms
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BKR International EMEA Region is delighted to welcome three new member firms from the ACARTUS Group in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland. The group prides itself on the continuous cooperation and communication among the branch offices. Each country has a team of professionals which provides services in Polish, Czech, Slovak and English, and as such, provides easy communication and better understanding of foreign accounting and tax systems to international clients.

Michal Jelinek, partner of ACARTUS Czech commented “We have worked with BKR International members in the past and been impressed with the efficiency with which they operate internationally. By joining BKR we can offer our clients all the benefits of international expertise from around the world and still give them the professional care and comfort they are used to when resolving various tasks”. Miroslav Sperka, partner of ACARTUS Slovakia added “We look forward to the opportunities membership will bring us in this crucial region in the centre of Europe. Being part of BKR we will be able to assist our clients with their cross border expansion and provide them with all compliance services under one roof. This is an exciting time for us.”

Wolfgang Dibiasi, Managing Partner of BKR International Austrian firm ARTUS and BKR EMEA Board member, stated “Membership of BKR International by the ACARTUS firms in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland opens great opportunities for us in Austria and the rest of Central Europe. With ACARTUS operating seamlessly across the region it allows us to provide BKR International members with even greater coverage in the important and growing market”.

Tim Morris, Executive Director of BKR EMEA Region comments “The three new member firms of the ACARTUS Group give BKR International a much stronger presence in these ‘gateway countries’. They are dynamic firms with aspirations for the future. The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are at the crossroads of European trade and transport routes. They are entry points to other Central and Eastern European countries, as well as emerging markets further east. In recent years this market has attracted a considerable amount of inward investment. ACARTUS’ BKR membership allows them to grow and strengthen their international work and provides existing BKR members with a more comprehensive reach in this increasingly important region.”

ACARTUS Slovakia is based in Čadca and has additional offices in Zilina and Bratislava. Polish based ACARTUS SA has its main office in Jastrzębie-Zdrój in southern Poland, with additional offices in Cieszyn and Racibórz. Whilst ACARTUS Czech is based in Ostrava and has an additional office in Prague. They provide expertise in accounting, salaries, taxes and finance. In the ACARTUS vision they see all three countries as one big market for international work. Amongst others they have clients in the automotive, engineering, service and construction sectors.

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