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A client solution-focused mindset.

“Focusing on our clients and their needs and supporting their life cycle in their business, personal and family financial matters”. This mindset drives Walker Wayland NSW to heavily invest in people and processes to assure its clients the best service. Thorough trainings led to changes in service offerings that resulted in more advisory team members to focus on new and emerging technologies as a way to assist clients and develop new services within the firm. Recognition and encouragement of emerging talents have been the key to grooming team members as professionals and the ability to retain and strengthen the team.

Furthermore, WW NSW now employs its first dedicated data analyst over the past 18 months. It is considered a significant accomplishment as it is the fruition of a strategy to utilize and offer technology in providing solutions to clients’ businesses.  The use of this data analyst in business solutions also provides opportunities for managing big data and having real-time management analytics.

A founding member of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants ‘Everybody Counts’ program that supports different charities through, not only in the workplace giving but also by allowing different team members to place themselves within the charity and offer their skills as accountants to the charities directly.

Walker Wayland NSW has been a member of BKR since its inception 30 years ago. According to them, their involvement in the BKR family has been an important distinction for the firm and provided opportunities that have strongly influenced the development of the firm.


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